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Meditation With Your Dog: Incredibly Easy Methods That Work

Have you tried to meditate on and off but have too much A.D.D. to shut off your mind for 10 minutes? I’ve found a cure: Dogs are natural mediators and it’s totally makes sense that your best friend is sending you relaxation vibes when near. When you meditate with your dog, you can actually feel even more at peace because of their loving presence, loyalty, and ultimate devotion for you. What a safe and calming feeling, and here is how it’s done…

  1. Outdoors. If you have trouble meditating indoors, try taking your furry friend to a park or the beach. Now, if you have a very hyper active dog, this may take a while so scheduling a regular time is crucial. But there have been articles and instances where people have made meditation a ritual and habit to where the animals eventually come around to surround you and lay with you. It’s even been mentioned that the dogs will stay peacefully calm even minutes or hours after you are done.
  2. Sitting up with you dog in your lap. If you have a bigger dog, try spreading your legs and having them come sit in between them. Put your hands on your pooch to further the connection. The peacefulness and natural meditative state of your dog will help your body mimic this action.
  3. Lying down on a yoga mat with relaxing music. YouTube has great Pet and Pet Therapy music to help them keep calm. Spotify also has great playlists. Once again, if you have a hyper-active dog, this may take a while to kick in, so be patient!
  4. In Groups. This is a bit of a new concept, but if you find like-minded people to join you in your meditation with your furry friend. It is recommended to do this with the older and more tame pups.
  5. Just watching them play. This may sound like it defeats the whole purpose. But what if your day is so busy that you physically can not even THINK about 10 minutes of shutting your mind off to meditate. Watching your dog at play and focusing on their actions of not having a care in the world and enjoying life in the moment can actually help you do the same! When you can focus whole heartedly on this adorable play, you are ACTUALLY meditating.
Lori Lefcourt

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