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5 Incredibly Useful Tips To Spark Creativity For Your Business (With Your Dog)

Are you trying to think of ideas for a new book? blog? Or what to do with your life? You finally have some quiet time to think and it seems as like you are walking through a tunnel of nothingness in your brain. Here are 5 tips that can help aid in creativity and get your brain muscles in action using your pup as a tool:

  1. Watch them at play: Go to the dog park and simplify your focus on the playful actions and movements of the dogs. When you do this, your thoughts that are cluttering your creativity start to float away as you become more present in the moment.  You can also accomplish this by throwing around a ball or watching how grotesquely they chew on their bone.
  2. Look at them in their eyes: Each time you look your pup in the eye, triggers in both brains are being fired, and the love hormone oxytocin is released, a new study has found by Animal behaviorist Takeumi Kikusui of Azabu University in Japan.  You can read more here: Read More . Bottom line, the happier you feel, the more negative clutter is released and in floods an abundance of creativity and ideas.
  3. Take them for a walk. Sometimes its hard to motivate yourself to walk outside without completing a task or being distracted.  Or perhaps it may feel awkward to leave your phone behind and go for a walk.  A suggestion would be to grab your furry mate and head outside to just walk and think.   If you’re the type that creates better when you’re alone, this is a perfect alternative except you are receiving the positive vibes of your dog alongside.  The natural positive energy from your dog will help cut through the negativity in your thoughts.
  4. Meditate with them.  Mimic your dog’s “hound lounge” state.  When their eyes are almost closed and they appear as if they are falling asleep–this is termed by Dog Meditation expert: James Jackobson as “hound lounge” because dogs are natural meditators.  Make sure to keep at least one hand on them while you do this to feel that connection and synergy.
  5. Take them with you and write at an outdoor cafe.  If you’re the type who likes to work and think at local cafes, try taking your pooch with you and sit outside.  Most of the time you will be approached by people who are equally as happy that you brought your pooch out. The positive energy brought about from the crowd and the fact that you have made someone smile for just a moment, can prompt creativity.
Lori Lefcourt

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