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Worlds Top Entrepreneurial Books & Lessons I learned From My Dog

As an entrepreneur, self-development is going to be one of your greatest assets and it’s a subject that is not typically taught in school. You can’t lead other people unless you are able to lead yourself.  In my personal entrepreneurial journey, I learned one of my  greatest teachers was my very own pooch. Each book, each podcast, and each mentor would reaffirm this notion.  Here are five doggy-dog entrepreneurial strategies I learned to implement in my life along with first class books that could help you on your journey.

  1. Rid The Negativity In Your Life. Dogs give zero bones about who likes them and who doesn’t.  They  show love and affection towards everyone and if that person doesn’t appreciate it, they move on! On the flip side, if they don’t like anyone, the feeling doesn’t go unnoticed.  For instance, my cock-a-poo, Gemma doesn’t like kids. Kids ARE the enemy. This syndrome began when she was a puppy and my two year old cousin walked in my apartment flailing a broom at her.  Needless to say, she makes it very clear to me that she wants nothing to do with any human that is close to her in size. She has made it clear that this negativity (in her mind) will never be permitted in her presence.  As a human, we waste time on people and energy that are simply not good for us.  Or we don’t learn the proper ways to deal with them to lead a healthy life.  The book “Spirit Junkie” by Gabrielle Bernstein is an excellent book on how to spiritually learn how to deal with negativity in your life.
  2. Always Be Yourself. Dogs don’t have the ego-ic part of their brain that tells them they are losers or not good enough.  They are simply “being.”   Wouldn’t it be amazing to live this way? To not be affected by past situations and be your authentic self 24/7?  There’s a distinct memory I have of Gemma showing me this. I once took her to my boyfriend’s families’ Passover Dinner.  They are ultra religious but under certain busy life circumstances, we had to bring her.   During mid prayer, out of the corner of my eye, I could see that she had secured a spot at the head of the table sitting on a chair, as if she were a human guest. As mortified as I was, she was able to find a child at the table who thought this was absolutely hilarious and ended up feeding her scraps the entire night. She ultimately attracted the attention she was seeking. Lesson: to attract the people and things you want in life; you must always be yourself.  Deepak Chopra speaks about this often in his meditations, and one of the best books I read about how to be your ultimate self is: “You Are A Bad Ass” by Jen Sincero.
  3. Persistence. This is obviously a given.  When a dog has their heart set on something — wether it be a bone, piece of meat, a shoe, etc; they are relentless in their pursuit to the prize.  As an entrepreneur, it is 100% guaranteed that you will hear more “no’s” then you will hear “yes.” But to ultimately be successful, you must be dog-like in your relentlessness. “Sharktales” by Barbara Corcoran tells the tale of a woman who self-proclaimed was not that “smart” but became one of the most successful business women of our day by hard work and being persistent.
  4. Love Wins All. This is a given. There have been numerous circumstances where a dog has helped heal their sick owner by simply being loyal.  I can remember some pretty wicked colds I’ve gotten in the past where I felt like I couldn’t be productive or get up for a week, but I had my little girl to stick by my side and get me up and going the first few days back to work. Love truly does win all as I have her loyalty to keep me happy and help me heal quicker.  A fantastic book that covers the subject of love and giving is “The Go Giver” by Bob Burg and John David Mann.  Not only does it teach you how giving is winning but it’s also very entertaining.
  5. Meditation, Play, And Being Present.  Dogs are natural mediator and are always present in the moment.  If you have ever sat at a park and watched a dog at play, notice how your problems temporarily seem to slip away as you smile and watch this playful action. Meditation aims for people to do detach from their thoughts and learn how to be more present.  If you have issues shutting off your mind for 10 minutes to meditate, try focusing your energy on the natural calmness of your pooch. Along those lines, my business mentor has always engrained the importance of “play” in our Facebook group and how beneficial it is for our everyday lives.  If us humans could take a few notes on how to live life more like our dogs, I believe the world would be a happier place! For a great resource for meditating for all levels, click here.
Lori Lefcourt

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