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Chad Gabriel Creator of Team Floppy Ears — One of The Most Sincere Podcasts You Will Probably Ever Hear

SCROLL DOWN TO THE BOTTOM AND CLICK PLAY TO LISTEN TO THE PODCAST. Chad Gabriel is the founder of Team Floppy Ears--a popular pit bull rescue group that grew its online business from Chad and his dogs' Instafame. His inspiration, intensity, and passion has always stemmed from baseball and being on a team--where he played pro for over 10 years. The name Floppy Ears obviously came from a huge moment of clarity he had with his first pitbull: Rosie-- which he goes into detail about in the podcast. Chad learned how misunderstood this breed was and how abused and neglected they were, but also how resilient they were as well. He became more and more passionate about these particular canines. He often times related the pitbull breed to...


How Polly’s Puppy and Horses Helped Her Through Cancer

My best friend growing up has an amazing and powerful story about beating cancer with the help of her puppy, Winston and then moving to NYC and starting her own Sex Toy Business. At the age of 21, Polly had to drop out of college due to intense chemotherapy and cancer, she was tired all of the time. As someone who loves to always be moving, and doing something, she got depressed and needed something to do and some sense of meaning. That’s when she convinced her parents to get her dog, Winston. Winston already sensed that he had to be gentle and turned out to be the best companion and partner to go through cancer with. She credits her dog with...


Discover A Low Cost, Eco-Friendly Start-Up In The Pet Industry

Ashley and Ryan are the Founders of BizBagz. After losing his job, Ryan and Ashley started BizBagz as just a casual business and something that would be fun to do, but it quickly became their passion and now a full-time business. Here’s an excerpt from their page: "We tried to find dog waste bags that were both affordable and environmentally responsible. There are a few. So we stuck to the compostable, earth friendly bags. Which were great for a time. But they were missing a few things. These bags end up in landfills. Landfills aren’t designed for compostable materials. They compact everything, preventing oxygen from getting to them. Which makes it hard for them to break down. So, you ask why the dog sh*t business? Okay, so maybe...