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Discover A Low Cost, Eco-Friendly Start-Up In The Pet Industry

Ashley and Ryan are the Founders of BizBagz.

After losing his job, Ryan and Ashley started BizBagz as just a casual business and something that would be fun to do, but it quickly became their passion and now a full-time business.

Here’s an excerpt from their page:
“We tried to find dog waste bags that were both affordable and environmentally responsible. There are a few. So we stuck to the compostable, earth friendly bags. Which were great for a time.
But they were missing a few things. These bags end up in landfills. Landfills aren’t designed for compostable materials. They compact everything, preventing oxygen from getting to them. Which makes it hard for them to break down.

So, you ask why the dog sh*t business? Okay, so maybe you didn’t ask, but we’ll tell you anyway. We’ve created bags from bio-based starches and recycled material. We’re not creating new materials that never degrade, we’re using already existing materials to reduce how much goes into the landfills.” —

To put it simply, we thought we could do it better.

Ashley and Ryan explain how they combined both of their skill sets to grow their business, why they manufacture their bags in the US, and how they kept their initial costs low.

They also explain how they use their profits to help their community and were inspired to give back by the adoption of their dogs. They also use giving back as a way to communicate with their customers to find out the needs and wants of communities outside of their local market (LA).

Ryan and Ashley also explain what a B Corp is (Google Definition: B Corps are for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.) and how they use it for their business. This was a new term for me so I encourage you to pay attention!

Lastly, they tell you how they marketed their company with little to no cost using a quite interesting instagram technique…

Please visit them at:

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