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How Polly’s Puppy and Horses Helped Her Through Cancer

My best friend growing up has an amazing and powerful story about beating cancer with the help of her puppy, Winston and then moving to NYC and starting her own Sex Toy Business.

At the age of 21, Polly had to drop out of college due to intense chemotherapy and cancer, she was tired all of the time. As someone who loves to always be moving, and doing something, she got depressed and needed something to do and some sense of meaning. That’s when she convinced her parents to get her dog, Winston. Winston already sensed that he had to be gentle and turned out to be the best companion and partner to go through cancer with. She credits her dog with so much of that ability to pull herself up in the roughest time of her life.

She also credits her healing to riding horses, and when Polly was sick with cancer—she started to ride again. Riding gave her a renewed sense of energy. She gives back to this ADORABLE charity yearly called: Gentle Carousel: Mini Therapy Horses. (check them out on Instagram @generalcarousel —So so cute!)

Polly also lets us in about the secrets of the popular company: Bark Box and why they are successful.

Lastly, she gives her take on dogs in the workplace–which may surprise you!

Polly’s Company:

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