Hound Vibes / 2016 / August

How To Start Doggy Day Care and Grooming Business

Find out how a couple opened up a chain of doggy day cares and high-end dog grooming salons in the midwest. They share the time frame and biggest obstacle in creating their business along with amazing advice for anyone looking to open up these types of businesses. JAM-PACKED Information includes: How they differentiate themselves from the competitors How they were able to get funding in the beginning The typical customer base of each business and how they deal with each Social media, websites, and how they specifically market the business. How they go about hiring employees and the tactic on weeding people out How they keep their employees happy and loyal How he manages all of the logistics What the most rewarding part of the industry is Ideal Locations for these businesses How to deal with competition And...

This Man Created a “Go Fund Me” Non-Profit Just For Your Pets — Saved 100s Of Lives

Learn about how a natural born entrepreneur went from identity crises to creating two amazing companies in the pet world and making a huge impact on people and their pets. I strongly believe many later millennials will be able to relate to his story Peter has a non-profit and a for-profit business that go hand in hand. We discuss how to grow a mass audience on social media for your business, and how Peter uses it to "promote" his business -- not support it. Each business is unique and he explains the his approach of using marketing and social media to reach and help his audience. I ask him questions about how he grew a team to support his charitable business. He dives a bit deeper...


2007 Tragedy Turns Into Pet Food Start Up

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] “Let the food be your medicine.” -Hippocrates Top Dog Dinners creates whole natural and fresh organic dog food and treats that feed and heal dogs by delivering the most nutritious ingredients in the most digestible form. The food mimics the foods that dogs would eat in nature — so it’s actually real food for dogs. Referred to as “The Crazy Dog Guy,” the creator of the company, Peter, will tell you about the tragedy in 2007 that affected not only his beloved dog but several others nation wide. This event inspired him to create Top Dog Dinners. He explains the process of how he created the recipes, algorithms, and software for his company. Listen to hear what is REALLY in your dog's food produced and manipulated...