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2007 Tragedy Turns Into Pet Food Start Up

“Let the food be your medicine.” -Hippocrates

Top Dog Dinners creates whole natural and fresh organic dog food and treats that feed and heal dogs by delivering the most nutritious ingredients in the most digestible form. The food mimics the foods that dogs would eat in nature — so it’s actually real food for dogs.

Referred to as “The Crazy Dog Guy,” the creator of the company, Peter, will tell you about the tragedy in 2007 that affected not only his beloved dog but several others nation wide. This event inspired him to create Top Dog Dinners.

He explains the process of how he created the recipes, algorithms, and software for his company.
Listen to hear what is REALLY in your dog’s food produced and manipulated from the big manufacturers, and hear more interesting facts about the 60 billion dollar “ruthless” industry.

Ever wonder what happens to roadkill and animals that are euthanized? You’ll find this out as well.

Peter also explains the number one hurdle to overcome in this sort of business.

Although his company is very complex and science based, he shares how you can make treats at home as a more simple business while holding all the nutritional value in the treats. By doing this alone— you can differentiate yourself from the big manufacturers and brands. He will go into detail about their process.

Top Dog Dinner’s treats address a variety of issues with dogs. These include but are not limited to: skin and coat problems, anemia, dogs recovering from major surgeries or conditions, and hypoallergenic issues. He explains how he uses traditional medicine and old fashioned methods to treat particular health problems.

Peter also shares how he was able to successfully gain publicity and be featured on major news networks, and he ends the podcast sharing some great facts about the pet food industry and why you should dip your toes in it now!
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