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Beauty Teaches How To Become Successful Animal Behaviorist & Trainer

Meet Kyla! She is nationally known animal behaviorist and dog trainer.

Kyla — a former Beauty Queen was inspired by her rescue Pit Bull Jax—who inspired her to start a rescue called BeautyAndTheBully. Yes, you read it right. It’s a bunch of beautiful models inside and out saving Pit Bulls. Kyla saw how awful the stigma was towards Pit Bulls and realized that pit bulls faced the same appalling judgement one faces in the modeling and pageant industry; the only difference being that animals don’t actually subject themselves to superficial judgment as humans do.

In this informational packed podcast, you will learn:

The difference between being an animal behaviorist and a dog trainer

How you can become certified and successful with little to no investment.

What credentials help you become more credible

How she expanded her education and business to become a master

The difference between the “100% positive reinforcement” methods and Caesar Milan’s tactics involving “balance training”—her expert opinion.

The positives and negatives of running your own independent business or working under an existing company

Her number 1 marketing tactic which is super easy and works 100% of the time

Good events to attend to get your name out there

A day in the life and the flexibility of this career path

How she deals with humans and why it’s the toughest part of the job

How she deals with dangerous situations

How this job has saved her and helped her stay center

She will have her OWN training course at…

Her Recommended and Favorite Training Books:

Any book written by Cesar Millan including:
Cesar’s Rules‐Your way to Train a Well-Behaved Dog
Cesar’s Way
Be the Pack Leader

If Your Dog Could Talk by Ralf Weber (owner of Happy Dog Training)
The Art of Raising a Puppy by Monks of New Skete
Dog Training: Complete Guide to Training Your Dog or Puppy to Be Obedient and Well Behaved
By Renee Harvey

Good videos:
Leerburg Training DVD’s

Lori Lefcourt

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