Hound Vibes / 2016 / November

How To Grow Your Pet Business Using Events With The Founder of Chase & Papi

Chase & Papi, an upscale luxury pet concierge that provides in-house boarding, customized dog walking packages, and unique pet-friendly events fit for royalty. These events merge glamour and the nightlife ambiance and they are designed for owners who want to mingle and drink while their furry friends are socializing with them Chase and Papi has been featured on CBS New York, Metro, Upout, and Brooklyn and with every ticket purchased at Chase & Papi’s soirees, a percentage of the net profit is donated to local animal shelters. Through their events and services, they foster and inspire a community of pet lovers. Their company motto is: “We are all your pets (sorry humans)!” In this podcast, you will learn: *Different Event Ideas *The Purpose and Importance of Events *How to partner...


The Most Innovative Dog Walking Business: DogZenergy

Since 2006, mother-daughter team - Brittany and Karen Alwerud - have been loyally serving the pet parents of La Jolla and the greater San Diego area! In fact, they were voted "Best Pet Sitting" in 2013, 2014, and 2015 in la jolla and feautred in numerous local media publications. Their strategies for success are unique and innovating. So innovating that they created an App that manages business for other dog walking businesses that is growing rapidly with several partners around the country. In this podcast, you will learn: *How to go from dog walker to managing your own business and hiring your own dog walkers *Hidden Costs *Your best employee *Hiring the right employees and valuing them *employees vs contractors *Who to partner up with in your local community *Initial Investment *How the industry...


Mastering Pet Lover Content + Pet Business Branding With Kristen Levine

In just three years, Kristen Levine has worked with 100s of brands and has thousands of loyal followers of her pet lifestyle blog. Learn how she’s built her fabulous business. In this Podcast, you will learn: *How to develop your WHY *What sort of investment it takes to have an online business *Different ways to profit from an online site *How to gain access to media outlets *How do use your current assets in your pet business *Social Media for business vs individual customers *Her main customer base *The importance of events *Her most emailed questions regarding pets *What has changed the most in the pet industry *The most rewarding experience from her business...