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Founder Of “I’d Rather Be With My Dog” Shares How He Grew His Fashion/Lifestyle Business On Instagram

Doug Ratner is the Founder of a fashion brand called, “I’d Rather Be With My Dog.”

I personally saw his brand all over the place on Instagram. He has over 191,000 loyal followers who love his brand. The most fascinating part about his Instagram growth is that before starting this business, Doug knew nothing about Instagram and actually hated social media.

IRBWMD isn’t just a clothing company, it’s a life style brand or a mantra for people who are truly “obsessed” with their dogs. And by obsessed, they mean completely dedicated and have a love so deep that it can’t be compared to anything else! They have customers from all over the world who buy their gear, from China to Indonesia to Russia to Australia. People truly feel the IRBWMD love in all corners of the world.

They donate to different causes weekly–everything from rescues, to canine cancer awareness, or military dogs overseas who need their help. So Every time you purchase something from their site you have a direct impact on an animal in need.

You will learn SO MUCH in this podcast. Here are a few points we will touch on:

*The interesting inspirational story behind the brand

*The Very First Steps from Idea to Production

*How To Use Instagram As Your Main Marketing Tool

*How to Use Instagram to gain extensive research information into your demographic

*How to Use Social Media to gain extensive research information about your competition

*How to Use Instagram to Grow your business without taking a single picture

*The Time Investment It Takes to Grow a Brand on Instagram

*What Questions to Ask Your Demographic

*The Right Kind Of Research for Your Industry

*How To Stay Focused

*How they give people a reason to buy

You Can Find Doug’s brand at:
Instagram: @idratherbewithmydog

Lori Lefcourt

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