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Worlds Top Entrepreneurial Books & Lessons I learned From My Dog

As an entrepreneur, self-development is going to be one of your greatest assets and it’s a subject that is not typically taught in school. You can’t lead other people unless you are able to lead yourself.  In my personal entrepreneurial journey, I learned one of my  greatest teachers was my very own pooch. Each book, each podcast, and each mentor would reaffirm this notion.  Here are five doggy-dog entrepreneurial strategies I learned to implement in my life along with first class books that could help you on your journey.

5 Incredibly Useful Tips To Spark Creativity For Your Business (With Your Dog)

Are you trying to think of ideas for a new book? blog? Or what to do with your life? You finally have some quiet time to think and it seems as like you are walking through a tunnel of nothingness in your brain. Here are 5 tips that can help aid in creativity and get your brain muscles in action using your pup as a tool:

My Dog Made Me Quit My Job

When I moved to New York and got my first job, it was an amazing experience! My first job “offer” on Wall Street was emotional and exciting. My first paycheck was a huge relief and made my mouth water for more! The first “bonus” was indescribable! I spent day and night thinking about my job.  How can I improve? How can I earn this person’s attention? How am I going to work my way up? During the day, I would try to impress everyone in the office while simultaneously find solutions to my client’s issues.

Meditation With Your Dog: Incredibly Easy Methods That Work

Have you tried to meditate on and off but have too much A.D.D. to shut off your mind for 10 minutes? I’ve found a cure: Dogs are natural mediators and it’s totally makes sense that your best friend is sending you relaxation vibes when near. When you meditate with your dog, you can actually feel even more at peace because of their loving presence, loyalty, and ultimate devotion for you. What a safe and calming feeling, and here is how it’s done…