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Founder Of “I’d Rather Be With My Dog” Shares How He Grew His Fashion/Lifestyle Business On Instagram

Doug Ratner is the Founder of a fashion brand called, "I'd Rather Be With My Dog." I personally saw his brand all over the place on Instagram. He has over 191,000 loyal followers who love his brand. The most fascinating part about his Instagram growth is that before starting this business, Doug knew nothing about Instagram and actually hated social media. IRBWMD isn’t just a clothing company, it’s a life style brand or a mantra for people who are truly “obsessed” with their dogs. And by obsessed, they mean completely dedicated and have a love so deep that it can’t be compared to anything else! They have customers from all over the world who buy their gear, from China to Indonesia to Russia to Australia. People...

5 Incredibly Useful Tips To Spark Creativity For Your Business (With Your Dog)

Are you trying to think of ideas for a new book? blog? Or what to do with your life? You finally have some quiet time to think and it seems as like you are walking through a tunnel of nothingness in your brain. Here are 5 tips that can help aid in creativity and get your brain muscles in action using your pup as a tool: